From the desk of William Lapham, author of Cash Flow Royalties

“I’m going to spill the beans on how I was able to use my 20 years of real estate experience to create a cash flow cow!”


Learn the secrets I found to making money in this down real estate market, having a positive cash flow from every single transaction, and selling property for more than appraised value


Dear Real Estate Friend,


Are you living off the passive income from real estate?


Today, I can say that I do.


But don’t be fooled because it wasn’t always like this…especially my first two decades as a real estate investor.


But I want to save you the trouble of learning the lessons it took me twenty years to earn.  I want to spill the beans on how I was able to turn my real estate experience into a cash flow cow.


Cash Flow Royalties gives me the time and money to do what I love. What would you do if you didn't have to worry about money?


Would you like to:

  Learn the secrets I found making money in this down real estate market?

  Guarantee a positive cash flow from every single transaction?

  Sell property for more than appraised value?

  Do as many deals as you want to?

  Purchase with no money out of your pocket?

  Have more buyers than you can handle for the properties you will be selling?


It’s all explained in my new book, Cash Flow Royalties.  This path, if you decide to take it, can provide a monthly positive cash flow to have the kind of lifestyle you desire. That could mean working from home in your PJ’s, waking up without an alarm clock or being able to see your kids off to school before you get your work day started.


   The #1 pitfall in real estate investing, and how to completely avoid it (page 6)

   The simple trick that upped my monthly revenue 16% and my sale price by 31% (page 14)

   The 5 Steps to buying real estate when you have zero dollars to start with (page 17)

   Templates of the actual ads I use to rent and sell my properties (pages 21-22)

   Samples the documentation you’ll need to keep so the IRS stays happy (pages 24-26)

   What to do when you’re stuck (pages 27-29)


  • Become financially free even if you have zero dollars to invest


  • A high cash flow, high return investment for monies you can afford to park into a property and enjoy the cash flow


  • All the upside of owning positive cash flow property with none of the downside of being a landlord


  • Five steps, clearly explained with tons of examples and help, to running the Cash Flow Royalties system


  • Online, telephone and even in person help when you need it*

    *Some support options are fee based, but very reasonably priced!  I really want you to succeed with my system!


“Dreams don’t have a deadline!!!”

-Dr. Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series


In my book, Cash Flow Royalties, I lay it out in a simple “a-b-c” format, so you can duplicate exactly what I’ve done (AND save yourself an enormous amount of time and money!)


I started out as a young person with a desire. Watching late night infomercials on how to make a fortune in real estate, I have to admit, made me rethink my possibilities. I began dreaming of the leisure life. Leisure in a sense that I could have enough money but not have to work my tail off doing hard labor from nine to five. I felt that if other people could do it, so could I. This began the process of getting educated in real estate. From attending seminars to devouring books, I was busy learning all I could about building my fortune through real estate. The payoff came, but not soon enough and definitely not according to the way I thought it would. The years of toiling in real estate and applying what I had learned during my career led to this unique but very lucrative system I created for YOU.


Today I enjoy a leisure lifestyle compared to how life was before I began my journey. I derive a positive cash flow from 24 properties (and counting) that cover my living expenses — and then some!


“The secret of unleashing your true power is setting goals that are exciting enough that they truly inspire your creativity and ignite your passion.”

-Anthony Robbins

If you are currently a cash flow investor (meaning you enjoy what positive cash flow can do for your lifestyle), then you will be excited to see these alternative possibilities described in Cash Flow Royalties. If you’re the type of investor who likes to see big profits in a short period of time doing rehabs or wholesale deals then you might want to consider this system as a way to park a portion of your profits into this safe, secure, high yielding investment strategy.


NOTE: This is not a system for those seeking a tax shelter, depreciation or write offs!


Cash Flow Royalties is a high cash flow, high return investment for monies that you can afford to park into a property and enjoy the cash flow it generates.


I have consistently earned over 18% with this system and that’s definitely a higher return than if I had invested using standard landlord strategies. Not only that, the methods I describe in Cash Flow Royalties will help you avoid the “pitfalls” of being a landlord. Another beauty to having created this system was the unknown benefit of having property improvements done without me having to spend a dime. If you are brand new real estate investor with zero dollars to invest and confused as to where to start, don’t worry, this system will still work for you.


Yes, you’ll have to dig in and start investing the time necessary to build a real estate career.


The fruits of your efforts will result in giving you the freedom to spend your time other than having to labor a nine to five job.


I get to spend my time doing the things I enjoy but yes I still work, but I work on continuing to build my residual income. It’s much easier to go through a work day being free to take a break or a nap or an extended lunch anytime I feel the need. I still canvas to find cash flow properties and I still seek rehab deals to generate cash. This requires work, but because I feel its effort towards building my fortune, it doesn’t feel like a job. I have no boss to answer to (other than updating my investors) and no time clock to punch (other than seeing that escrows close on time).


Now, won’t you give yourself the gift of this kind of freedom?  My system, which I describe so clearly in Cash Flow Royalties, is simple.  Just follow the directions, exactly as I’ve laid them out, using the included forms and samples.   These are the exact methods I continue to use even as I write this.  They work like a charm.


Don’t delay.  You can be reading your own copy of Cash Flow Royalties just 120 seconds from now.  What are you waiting for?  Just click the purchase button and you’re on your way!



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I personally guarantee you’ll be thrilled with my ideas in my book.  However, if for any reason whatsoever you don’t feel it’s the most useful and lucrative information you’ve found to help you with your real estate investment goals, you can return my book for a full refund.  I promise.


Cash Flow Royalties is a cookie cutter system that anyone can use to build a monthly positive cash flow that has no ceiling.  Once you buy my book and follow my simple 5-Step process, you’ll be enjoying your own Cash Flow Royalties!

“Our strengths often become weaknesses because we rely on them too heavily, habitually doing what we do best instead of seeking the best things to do. Someone said, ‘If your only tool is a hammer, you approach every problem as if it were a nail.’ Put down your old, familiar tools for now, or else find a different way to use them.”

-Price Pritchett, Ph.D